After suffering a jaw injury, my migraines got worse than ever.  I tried all kinds of medications and treatments, but still had horrible migraines and jaw pain.  My quality of life was terrible; hardly being able to function with all the meds I was taking, I couldn't take care of myself, let alone my family like this!  Then I was referred to Dr. Hall.  That's when things started changing and my quality of life improving!  Dr. Hall and his staff have been absolutely amazing to help determine what the best treatments would be to offer relief.  They always go above and beyond in making sure they've done their best to help me with my situation.  My migraines are much less frequent, and I can deal better with "just a headache."  I honestly don't know what I would have done the last year and a half without the treatments I've received from Dr. Hall, and continue to receive from Dr. Hall.  He's always looking out for my best interest, which I feel is essential and is so important to me and my family!"

                                  Jeanette A., St. George, Utah

"I was referred to Dr. Hall by both my regular dentist and my doctor who diagnosed sleep apnea. His office staff is wonderful and willing to do everything possible to get me an appointment when I need one. Also, I appreciate the way Dr. Hall and Lyssa explain all aspects of the treatment. The staff is very knowledgeable about insurance billing, which makes the experience even better."

                                         Marlys H., St. George Utah

"By the end of my school day, I found I could not concentrate.  Each day my headache pain got worse until all I could do was go in a dark room and try to be still.  I couldn't do my homework or my part time job.  Dr. Hall diagnosed the problem within a week I was nearly headache free."

                                                      Sarah H., Ivins Utah

"I was relieved to learn that I was a good candidate for the oral appliance after experiencing the side effects and hassle of the CPAP. Dr. Hall's staff have been consistently friendly and informative each step of the way for my oral appliance. Lisa, my main contact person at Hall's office has always assured me that if I need anything to just call her. They did all the research on my insurance and told me what I owed up front. Very organized. They made it easy!!!!"

                                                           Pat P., St George, Utah

"I had a real problem with moderate sleep apnea, waking up tired every morning. Last year I tried a CPAP machine but could not tolerate the mask. I almost gave up on ever finding a solution, until I found the dental appliance at Hallmark. The has been wonderful in setting up and adjusting the mask, and I now sleep with no snoring and feeling refreshed in the morning. You have made a major positive impact in my sleep life!"

                                      Eric J., St. George Utah

"Having been a little skeptical at first, I moved from a cpap machine to an oral device about 4 years ago. Due to insurance restrictions, I was unable to do an in-house sleep study after being on the oral device until a couple of weeks ago. I was ecstatic after reviewing the results to learn that my oral device is functioning to its best possible level, 6.5!

Dr Hall, Lisa and
the entire staff are professional and go above and beyond to make sure I am satisfied with their service. I highly recommend Hallmark!"

                                                    Wes J., St. George Utah

"It was wonderful to be able to get some help with my daughter's TMJ locally. She had 2 referrals to specialists and one to a doctor 4 hours away! Dr. Hall was able to resolve her issues in a relatively short amount of time. In under 5 months, we were pain-free and able to have her jaw repositioned correctly. What a relief."

                                               Cynthia M., St. George Utah